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        She walks with the angels on earth & sprinkles fairy dust from her fingertips

        A genuine creative process working with the lovely Nicol Wulkowicz.. behind the scenes or in front of the camera.   Something very mystical & magical in her presence… she walks with the angels on earth & sprinkles fairy dust from her fingertips.  A makeup artist who specializes in uniquely painting faces by studying the features & ultimately  allowing their individual beauty to shine through.  I feel a creative shift when I am collaborating with her.   Nicol’s ability to enhance her own gorgeous features in this set were inspired effortlessly with the concept & style I had chosen for her!  I had asked her if she would be my “gypsy” & her 5 year old self beamed… YES ;)! Gypsy became her in this set .. or she allowed her inner gypsy to reveal this golden light that I had witnessed from our first meet. Magical. Spiritual. TRUTH be told…. Meet Nicol through my eyes & our adventures!  Gold, glitter, sparkle on the water.. The camera loves her ..as much as I do!

        Nicol & I had set out to scout locations on our road trip to the ocean.  This hidden gem was nestled on the side of the road; an old boat house tucked away amongst overgrown trees & bushes.  Had I not stopped off HWY 101 heading to Pacific Beach to make sure my directionally challenged self was going in the right direction, I may have missed our first location.  Light falls in new territory offering my imagination a childlike wonder to follow the path down to the rustic architecture that had been abandoned & left for me to discover.  My light compass is my guide … North South East West means nothing to my lack of navigational skills.  Together, Nicol & I created a magical montage of images to add to her story throughout our adventurous day.  Nicol is more then just a makeup artist… she allows me to create freely.  Each new set & wardrobe change offered a new look… so fun to watch her transform different looks!

        The roller coaster ride we were on just kept evolving to more & more greatness as we stumbled upon the most amazing reflective clay wall on the beach.  As the evening sunlight was radiating a glow against the shallow water & beach we were in awe of the beauty & appearance that she is running on water.

        Stylized Photography – Erin Perkins

        Model / MUA Artist, Nicol Wulkowicz – www.glowbynicol.com

        Hair – Deeah Trinidad, Studio 343

        Jewelry collection – Erika Bond

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