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        July Fourth is by far my favorite holiday!  Marks the beginning of Summer and late nights.. especially longer shooting hours with that yummy summer haze as the sun goes down allowing the skin to just gleam with radiance! Waiting to be found in Moses Lake, WA. was this red white & blue flag mural painted on a classic white brick building with the words “For God & Country” & I knew I had found my location for this theme.. or was it the Route 66 gas station next door?! (Insert big cheesy grin here)   This diamond in the ruff location screamed 4th of July theme shoot and I had just the girl & wardrobe to bring it to life.  We literally camped a mile away and had simply gone into town searching for the water slides for our kids when luck would have it we stumbled on this spot!  Since I knew I came equipped with the wardrobe I would need to shoot this scene but not knowing I would actually hit the gold mine for an all american backdrop symbolizing what 4th of July was all about … FREEDOM or FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM,  I took this a sign from God saying “here is what you’ve asked for & enjoy!”  We waited til the evening light as I knew the sun would fall perfectly behind this building providing light that I dream about!!  Drooling over what was to come I patiently waited to return to start this shoot.  Not more than 5 minutes upon returning home after our camping trip I downloaded the images to relive all over again.  As an artist, I strive to fulfill a vision & the freedom allowing me to capture & enjoy what I have created for the rest of my life &  just maybe capture the hearts of my viewers as well 🙂


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