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        Jamie + Andrew

        Ruby Beach WA

        My first wedding of the season and I am so happy to spend it with Jamie & Andrew.  Their celebration will be held at Ray’s Boathouse in Seattle, WA on May 6th.  This winter we spent the day getting to know each other while traveling on HWY 101 to Ruby Beach.  Not a drop of rain in the sky!  Just the gorgeous light the PNW graced us with on this overcast day.  Those winter beach tones complemented their style perfectly!  High ocean tides didn’t stop these loves.. I just love a couple who isn’t afraid of getting a little wet as the waves crashed against their feet.  I’m still smiling over these two.  Spring can not come soon enough for their wedding.  So very honored to spend their day with them!!  Jamie you are darling!  Andrew prepare to be stunned by your gorgeous bride to be.

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