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        Winter chills + Summer vibes collide

        Keechelus Lake

        Morning fog lifting off the waters still surface made for a nostalgic scene.  Add sunshine, soft powder snow and mountain views with reflections all around and I think for a moment I was literally in heaven.  All I ever needed to complete this winter wonderland vibe .. definitely one of those days you wish you could relive over and over again.  Danielle, the bride to be this Spring at Sodo Park Seattle was the perfect snow goddess.  I love her old world look and her strikingly gorgeous red locks against all the mountains snow capped trees.

        Ways to keep summer alive during winters days! Every year I plead please Summer stay by late September but then i’m quickly reminded how much I love everything about Winter.  Plus, there is a way to enjoy both!  This day was proof;)

        1. Listen to Summer soundtracks.
        2. Keep the socializing going… I can write another list just for all the ways to celebrate the season.
        3. Road trips are essential for the spirit…. And who doesn’t like a cabin getaway in the snow. (Skiing near by is a bonus!)
        4. Mix your wardrobe up with the best of Summers past and Winters current faves.
        5. Concerts!! My ideal concert is in the wide open spaces of beautiful sunsets and sceneries but I’ll take the indoors too.

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