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Alysann & Ashlee

Twins, Alysann & Ashlee Ruby Beach, WA

Winter chills + Summer vibes collide

Winter chills + Summer vibes collide Keechelus Lake Morning fog lifting off the waters still surface made for a nostalgic scene.  Add sunshine, soft powder snow and mountain views with

Juliet M Jewelry



 Stylist Jordyn Bowman Photography: Erin Perkins Models:  April Moore & Ashlee Christman Private Location

Lake Cushman « Karlie Rae

UNTETHERED SOUL Of all the scenes & characters to come into my life this will remain a fave.  Escape for the day with Style Blogger, Karlie Rae left me that much more inspired. Unplugged at Lake

Snoquamlie « Makayla

Model | Makayla MUA | Nicol Wulkowicz Snoqualmie Pass

Enumclaw High School « Kaylee « 2016

Enumclaw High School  «  Kaylee  «  2016 Back roading on Chinook Pass

Haley « Traveling Heart

Haley « Traveling Heart Eyes full of wonder and adventure is Haley.  She is entertained the further up the road we go and gets more excited by her surroundings! Middle of winter and just a tiny bit

Idalis « A world to discover For I am your rolling stone

For a moment I lost my breath … Could’ve been the no trespassing sign from across the street moments earlier & getting caught or the timeless beauty with a look of confidence wearing


The courage & strength are just a couple reasons Rachel is my warrior goddess… She had set out to reach her goals and went far beyond them. This winter she entered her first competition

Brittany « Bridal

Brittany « A stylized bridal shoot designed by the bride herself! The only thing I added was a delicate veil.  Beautiful visionary with exquisite style & taste… Brittany also is a

Nicol Wulkowicz « She walks with the angels on earth & sprinkles fairy dust from her fingertips

A genuine creative process working with the lovely Nicol Wulkowicz.. behind the scenes or in front of the camera.   Something very mystical & magical in her presence… she walks with the

Kailey Wallin «« 2015 Senior

Kailey Wallin « Enumclaw High School « 2015    

Jensen «« Where The Wild Things Are

«« Where The Wild Things Are «« Chinook Pass, WA Senior, Jensen

«« Soul Guide ««

«« SOUL GUIDE ««    SOUL GUIDE INSPIRE ME … “THE CREATIVE SPIRIT ON FIRE” KIND OF INSPIRATION Follow Haley on an open road to endless light & a few U-turns …

Adelle – Beach life

The face of Summer belongs to Model Adelle Carr!! MUA | Hair Jamyrlyn Mallory Style Photography Erin Perkins

Embrace the moment that is now

Changing seasons… I take a deep breath and realize the Summer is almost behind us but not without acknowledging the fall air and sunshine can coincide beautifully together.   It’s the

Anna Lee | Kentlake 2013

Senior Anna Lee  is super special !… she’s also my daughter’s BF”s cousin and i saw so many similarities … what a doll !!! I just love her lil face and her session♥

Sail Away With Me …the best is yet to be

University of WA. College Graduate, Katy Jo Barry has every reason to celebrate.  Naturally a photo session perfectly documents her happiness!  Starting on the UW Campus and working our way towards

Randi | 2012 Senior

  Randi is one of those girls that can rock a sassy look and the balance beam!  She’s got the cutest little gymnast build making any outfit adorable..  Randi knows how to put a look

All American Kate

  Kate has many shoes to fill ! A Graduate from University of Washington & an elite soccer pro, Kate stands out from the crowd in multiple ways.  The sky is truly the limit for this

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Something about the winter air and crisp sunshine that is so appealing to me!  Freezing cold for model, Deena who so graciously stood in snow wearing heels!  Her angelic face hardly says, “this


Salina, you light up my camera life! Love this girl, her family & a brightness around her you can’t ignore! MUA: Jamyrlyn Wright Mallory  Stylized Theme Shoot: Erin Perkins Tacoma, WA

Finding your roots

Overlooking the water in Tacoma at one time stood a building.  A vacant lot where  cement blocks remain with signs of earth growing through suggesting mother earth is taking back this space.  So