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San Pedro, Belize

While spending my time on the island of San Pedro, Belize shooting a destination wedding I took a second day scouting the northern side of the island.   Ak’Bol, a private Belizean yoga retreat amongst many homes & hotels we found along the way & was the perfect peaceful getaway for the day.

Stylized & Photography Erin Perkins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jewerly Erika Bond

Erika Bond rein-visions vintage jewelry using various gemstones delivering a unique & custom piece….Art for your soul & your body.  For this collection each piece has healing properties using moonstone & turquoise. Erika explains, “It really started with an idea of re-purposing old vintage pieces around Christmas and then I twisted it by adding funky shaped and odd textured gemstones and brightly colored beads… Then came the embroidered rhinestones.  I believe through this journey I have now found my signature and my style and also myself..”  In years past, Erika was a huge rock hound and loved collecting & cracking them open to find the sparkling ones;)  She is drawn to the stones with natural healing properties like quartz and agate & uses these frequently.

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