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Venue : E|M Fine Art  Seattle WA

Susan + David Nuptials this summer….Rustic charm set in downtown Seattle.    Blend of urban & sparkle that I just can’t ever get enough of.. &  perfectly fitting for the two of them!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “The last first kiss i’ll ever have” – David

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Kevin + Haley

PNW Engagement

Destination:  Mountain top at dusk


These two…. nuff said.  Truthfully though;)in all seriousness, & through out the chill of the day I had the best time with Kevin & Haley!  The ground was a sheet of frost that just glowed around them.  Magnetic twosome!  Celebrating their nuptials this coming summer & I get to be their photog!  Excited would be an understatement!

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