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«« Lindsey «« ’14 Senior

Browns point on a private residence & an abundance of boats & several synchronicities later led us to our very own sailing adventure on the “Special Purpose” vessel.  As the effortless moments collectively collided into one beautiful Pacific NW afternoon I found myself climbing aboard taking one giant deep breath… Repeat, “I will not get motion sickness.. I will not.” You learn a great deal about yourself when your passion controls your present state of being.  I was overwhelmed with graciousness being in this moment with these beautiful people that I got lost in my world of creativity and forgot about the rocking sailboat.   Merely focusing on Lindsey & that ever glowing  sun around her.  Searching all angles & playing in direct & indirect light was so fulfilling.  The weather was a complete surprise & nearly 70 Sunny & warm on the water.  It’s been several days of rain since.  Finding beauty in this day with Lindsey was perfection.  Lindsey carries this ease in her heart that filled me with joy to be free & capture her.  She is so gorgeous & I loved every part of this shoot with her!






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Ryan + Jocelyn

& the rain carried on… but just for half the engagement session!  The tide was down allowing for some fun along the waterfront in University Place. Ryan & Jocelyn are set to wed May 31, 2014.. I can just tell you the laughter will continue. Those pretty facial expressions from Jocelyn kept me on my toes.  Love these two!!



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Venue : E|M Fine Art  Seattle WA

Susan + David Nuptials this summer….Rustic charm set in downtown Seattle.    Blend of urban & sparkle that I just can’t ever get enough of.. &  perfectly fitting for the two of them!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “The last first kiss i’ll ever have” – David

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