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Roman’s world

Nina & Roman

Experiencing life thru this lil guy’s eyes keeps Nina on her toes but a ride any mother would want to experience again & again.  The age of wonder & oh how big the world seems!  Nina indulges in a chance to play with Roman in the sand.  Creating a child like playground in the middle of the desert was like opening the door to revert back into her own childhood.. That’s simply how wonderful it is to experience the innocence of your inner child with your own.  The session truly bring tears to my eyes… yes it’s beautiful but it is also a reminder how quickly they grow.  I would give anything to go back and have moments captured of my son & I ….who is now entering High School in the Fall!  I’m not exactly sure where time has gone but a time capsule would be magical!



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Jordan & Tianna Chinook Pass Engagement

Tianna & Jordan have shared a long distance love leading up to their nuptials June 28th of 2014.  Really I can hardly wait til this day!! I met a bright eyed beautiful girl for wine at Anthem coffee in Puyallup  (minus her beau) to get acquainted and talk wedding and she instantly warmed my heart.  While Jordan is studying afar in San Jose Bay Area to be a Chiropractor, Tianna has settled in the Pacific NW as a first grade  teacher.  Jordan is exactly who I would’ve envisioned Tianna with…such a charmer!!  I only had a glimpse of his personality during a failed face time connection attempt at the time of our first visit.   Summertime I’m sure can’t come soon enough for the two of them!  Just a couple short weeks away, Tianna will be joining her fiance Jordan for quality time & sunny Cali.


Thrilled they agreed to scout & stop the day away with me on Chinook Pass! 

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