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Marie Antoinette Meets Steam Punk | Cherish Fashion Show

Marv Smith of the Hair Lounge is the marvel of all things fashion greatness! His latest Fashion Show, “Marie Antoinette meets Steam Punk”.. designed by Betsy Johnson was an incredible addition to the Cherish Fashion Show.  Energy unreal as the models took center stage. I felt so empowered being in the presence of Marv & his crew just watching his vision in action behind the scenes & anticipating the outcome of 6 gorgeous models unveiled after 5 hours of prep for the encore of the Cherish event.  Marv explains, “We wanted to finish the show with an extraordinary presentation..Something Artsy and fun, but still very elegant. AvanteGuarde’ is not going to be worn by most people. Instead it is to share your artistic ability.. to stretch your imagination and yet still find a common ground that most will see as beautiful.”  To be in the company of such great talent keeps my soul alive & creative energy flowing! I sported a smile on my face the whole drive home with a euphoric sense of bliss and couldn’t wait to share.  The lighting behind the stage was like one huge light box creating a “natural” arena for my eye to see the potential in what little time we had behind the stage.  Luckily after the models appearance we were able to go back to snap more.

The looks came together with teams of two, to a model, Marv Smith-LeBleu & Sophia Simone (model-Kerry LeBleu), Richard Brassfield (model-Toni duller), Stacy Barrow (model- Alyssa Zimmerman), Sabrina Reyes & Rebekah Schurman (model Holly), Sarah Girello (model- Grace Veldsma), Paige Davenport (model Kinga)

MUA: Jardin Johnson

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