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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Enumclaw High School 2015 « Jessie

Jessie « Enumclaw High School Senior Class 2015 Keechelus Lake « Snoqualmie Pass MUA « Nicol Wulkowicz   Thunder echoes all around .. the rain drops fall.  It


The courage & strength are just a couple reasons Rachel is my warrior goddess… She had set out to reach her goals and went far beyond them. This winter she entered her first competition

Brittany « Bridal

Brittany « A stylized bridal shoot designed by the bride herself! The only thing I added was a delicate veil.  Beautiful visionary with exquisite style & taste… Brittany also is a

Cole + Stephanie

Cole + Stephanie I see fire & I see rain… Aug PNW weddings don’t always prove to be sunny.  It poured so much on this beautiful wedding but the spark of the fire blazed

Nicol Wulkowicz « She walks with the angels on earth & sprinkles fairy dust from her fingertips

A genuine creative process working with the lovely Nicol Wulkowicz.. behind the scenes or in front of the camera.   Something very mystical & magical in her presence… she walks with the

Don + Rie

Don + Rie The Canal, Seattle