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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Something about the winter air and crisp sunshine that is so appealing to me!  Freezing cold for model, Deena who so graciously stood in snow wearing heels!  Her angelic face hardly says, “this


Salina, you light up my camera life! Love this girl, her family & a brightness around her you can’t ignore! MUA: Jamyrlyn Wright Mallory  Stylized Theme Shoot: Erin Perkins Tacoma, WA

Finding your roots

Overlooking the water in Tacoma at one time stood a building.  A vacant lot where  cement blocks remain with signs of earth growing through suggesting mother earth is taking back this space.  So

vintage hotel

Julie + Greg

  Seattle WA Stylized by Erin Perkins MUA: Jamyryln Wright Mallory